To the moon, Alice

Lunar crater Daedalus

Did you know that there are already people living on the moon? Neither did I, until I went to sleep last night.

I took a special shuttle — about 50 people, very Challenger looking — and when we disembarked, we walked across a dusty black and white field. Gravity wasn’t an issue — I think we were under an enormous bubble.

And yet the field was “other” … littered with the detritus of the human race. Trunks, softballs, a car. All under a smoky dust.

We were clearly on the dark side of the moon. Perhaps the other side was too bright?

Our hosts took us into an office building and gave us a tour. This particular facility was a government office. We visited a lab, public relations, and the executive office.

I spoke extensively with a man who had tried to grow food on the moon, to no avail. Once I looked at his plans, I realized that he hadn’t enough light. I also suggested he try aquaculture to provide tilapia and other fish for the hundreds of people there.

At that moment I realized that I had forgotten to pack my camera, and I had to borrow one from someone else.

In spite of the fact that this was a secret operation of sorts, no one balked when I interviewed them for my story, “To The Moon and Back, Alice.” They let me take photographs and revealed quite a bit of information. I liked it there. I was told that great pains had been taken to create an absolutely diverse culture. There was an accurate head count for every nationality, age, and sexual orientation. Because people were often assigned for a minimum of one year, it was important that they had a “family.” I appreciated their foresight.

At first I thought that people lived somewhere in this particular office building. In fact, the government had built attractive, very affordable townhomes. I wondered how real estate on the moon compared to Earth’s, but didn’t get that far.

Suddenly we were whisked away to a steak dinner and our lodgings. I wondered how they managed to get steak to the moon regularly.


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  1. Cheryl Johnson
    Jul 02, 2011 @ 13:36:41

    Susan, When I see a new blog, I immediately go to Nimmo’s blog. As usual, your writing pulled me in and the subject matter amazed me. I liked your suggestions to the “others” to use aquaculture. I wanted to know exactly you got there and if you know a vehicle that would be leaving soon. It looks like a nice vacation spot. Thanks for your writing.


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