I ate liver and lived

It was sautéed calves’ liver, no onions, served on a bed of salad with a tangy mustard sauce.

Gretchen and Ryan thought that my career with liver was cut too short at age 5, when it was prescribed, and I hated it. The nurse who lived with us seemed to revel in torturing me with liver. (Wouldn’t iron pills have worked?)

Anyway, I gagged on the first bite (that mealy, soggy texture thing), but 75% of the other dozen or so bites were pretty good. The texture of the meat closer to the edges was much better. The taste wasn’t so disgusting as memory had imprisoned it.

I can’t say I’ll be adopting liver as a staple, but my friends who write The Suburban Farm and grow chickens in their back yard were right … it wasn’t so bad. And I lived.


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  1. Cheryl Johnson
    Mar 06, 2011 @ 11:06:26

    As a child I was given liver, thinly sliced calves live with onions. The way my mother cooked it was inviting. I can only eat thinly, and i mean thinly sliced liver. Every once in a while when my body asks for red meat, I go for it. I cannot cook it as the limp, red, meat makes me gag. Congratulations on your cooking and consumption of the liver.

    The varied content of your blogs continues to invite me to want to read what you write. Please continue to write down your experiences. I appreciate your style and your ability to be open to your ideas. Write on!


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