Progress and gravity

Today I woke up with the need to finish some projects.

So … I figured out how to adapt a very sexy booking vehicle for a client’s web site .. check it out at AxWild Ghost Tours.

After that, I set up another client’s web site. Copy will come later. For now, I wanted to wow him with the design.

Later. I decided, after much experimentation, to make the new basement dehumidifier work. I had to replace the old one, and after I did I couldn’t figure out why water wasn’t coming out of the hose like it used to do. The former hose had been 6 feet long. This one is, well, 25. But still. Where was all that water going? Apparently it was just filling up the hose as well as the bin inside the dehumidifier. A few more hours and the water would have started overflowing.

Turns out that gravity means something after all. I raised the dehumidifier and voila! Drainage. A shorter hose might help, of course, but this was very satisfying for starters.

Next, I decided it was time to take the peaches I’d gathered from my Aunt Nancy‘s abundant trees and make a pie.

Instead, I ate quite a few of them (they’re quite small when they’re not treated with pesticides), and then figured that fresh was better than a pie any day. I could relax. Gravity had struck again. 🙂

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