Oh thank heaven for 7/11

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The last few years, I’ve lived in Royal Farms territory (northern Baltimore). When I was in Ohio, it was Speedway. Sure, there was the occasional 7-11.

But, frankly, I didn’t really pay attention to convenience stores, except when I was traveling and spotted one within sight of a highway.

But then came the summer of the Sno-Ball. 2010. I fell hard for Sno-to-Go ($3.50 for a medium), where the hip meet for snow cones right at the city limits. That is, if they’re not at Rita’s ($2.75 for a large, about the same size as Sno-to-Go’s medium, and often with real fruit inside).

Well, $2.75 and $3.50 gets pretty expensive for a cup of ice with sugary syrup, so I began branching out for my fixes. My friend Heidi and I started meeting at night for a $1.50 Slurpee, surely the poor woman’s alternative to real shaved ice. The Wild Cherry is the best, by the way. Although the Apple Mango is a close second. They are also good mixed together.

And then … I found out through the grapevine (Facebook?) that every 7/11 7-11 offers 7.11-ounce Slurpees for free. Around dinner time on Sunday, I called my friend Allison to see whether she wanted to go out for one.

Well, first, we innocently drove to the 7-11 on the edge of town, just a few doors down from Sno-to-Go. We found the cups were little larger than a dentist’s rinse cup, and that without the plastic top that comes with the “regular” sizes, the floor was rapidly becoming an insurance hazard. Still, delicious. I had the Wild Cherry.

I was unprepared for Allison’s criminal mind.

She suggested driving to every 7-11 in town. We counted them, and thought there were five. But it turns out we have at least nine or ten within driving distance.

At the next stop, on Bypass Road, they were actually OUT OF CUPS. So the promotion that was supposed to last from 7 until 11 was sucked dry. That didn’t seem right. If you were having a promotion, wouldn’t you order enough promotional cups to get you past dinnertime?

Off we went to stop number 3, the 7-11 near the DMV, which it turned out was closed. For good.

Undaunted, we sported on to stop #4, a 7-11 just outside the city limits on Route 143. All was right with the world again.

At stop #5, just off of 199 on Route 60, we also had luck. I was beginning to get tired of Fanta Cherry and Wild Cherry, but the options weren’t great. However, the cups were larger! Someone was thinking.

Stop #6 was the 7-11 on Jamestown Road (the one near the PieMan, not the one near the Chickahominy House, which we completely forgot about), where the owners had actually taped “No More Free Slurpees” on 81/2 by 11 sheets of paper on both front doors. We discovered that about the same time as a van full of teenagers. “Bummer!” we chirped. “Man!” they agreed.

Off to stop #7, off of 199 near Longhill Road. Our last stop, as it turned out, although there were at least two or three more 7-11s we could think of. I couldn’t drink another, and got a Taquita instead. Some savory was needed. Allison, however, had no problem. These drinks also came in the larger promotional cups. YAY.

So, my final Slurpee of the day is still sitting in my freezer. It’s Wild Cherry, of course. And one hot day (like tomorrow), I’ll really enjoy it. And I’ll thank heaven for 7/11.

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