Photo by Brandon Dilbeck

Jelly Beans

Yay. Now that Lent is over, you can have candy again.

But, just for the record, no one should have ever made you feel that candy was an expendable pleasure.

Candy has serious nutritional value, which I recently discovered when I opened a gift box of Godiva chocolates and a “Nutrition Facts” insert flew out. Who knew?

Although the insert lists no actual ingredients, it says I can get 25 grams of dietary fiber per serving (3 pieces).

Why bother with oatmeal, when I’d have to eat five bowls of it to get the same health benefit? (Who cares that cholesterol is “less than 300mg” per serving? That sodium is “less than 2400mg”?)

So, turning guilty pleasures into nutrition is how I look at things these days.

Wine? I increase my riboflavin (whatever that is) by .04% with each glass, and protein by .28g.

Pizza? I’ve got milk.

Coffee? Potassium, pantothenic acid, and the mysterious riboflavin. Practically health food.

For millennia, olives just like the ones in my martini have been making Sicilians decagenarians.

See how this works?

People Magazine is a waste of time, sure, but I’m real smart by comparison. Using bad language may cheapen me, but swearing at just the right moment feels really good. White lies? Easy. They get me out of jams.

My point (and I do have one) is … don’t feel guilty about partaking of life’s many candies. If you cut out the candy, you’d miss the really sweet stuff.

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