Where do blogs come from?

Initially, I was going to blog once a day for NaPoBloMo and at the same time learn something about WordPress for clients who want to use it. Blogging every day quickly didn’t happen.

But still … I was hooked. There’s something about writing publicly — oh, about anything — that is fun.

Seeing who finds me is also interesting. I’ve ranked very high for “white dust on my squash leaves,” for instance, even though I know next to nothing about gardening. I hear from people interested in Sequoias nearly every day, even though I just used the big, hardy trees as a metaphor for one kind of marketing tactic.

Most important … I’m learning something about writing and other stuff just by scribbling about it. It feels like good exercise.

If I were to wish something for everyone in the world, it would be to Write It Down. Anything. Because by writing about something we learn about it, and how we feel about it.

Feel free to make comments and to provide links. It drives me nuts to see so many viewers and no comments. So … let me know what you’re thinking!

Thanks for finding me.


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