Little red corvette? beetle? subaru?

A beetle is better than an :::unmentionable::: vehicle!

A beetle is better than an :::unmentionable::: vehicle!

OK, so lately I’ve been in touch with people who, like me, are in their mid-50s and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives. And how to be content with what’s happened so far.

My friend Dave reminded me the other day that if you concentrate on the negative, like not having enough money, then you won’t have enough money. It’s like the Abraham “river of love” thing. To get more of what you want, you have to think of abundance and actually having that thing.

So we were out driving the other day, to the beach. And I pointed out a series of cars whose looks I find particularly disturbing. They were all Chryslers. Dave commented, “Well, you’ve just ensured that you’ll have a LOT of ugly Chryslers in your future.”

Now I’m trying to think about Mini Coopers and Smart Cars, not Chryslers and SUVs. I’m sorry I even mentioned the latter by name just now

Damn. A PT Cruiser just popped into my head. This is hard! Wait … here’s a VW Beetle. Phew.

Clearly, I need to get off the highway.

(I never said I was very deep.)

This morning I drove from Williamsburg to Baltimore and didn’t see one :::unmentionable::: vehicle. Not one. AND I had a big check waiting for me here.

The lesson … clearly … I need me some more Dave in my future. The rest will follow.


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